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Give the Gift of Mindfulness
Give the Gift of Mindfulness
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23 Mindfulness Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The beauty of meditation and mindfulness is that they don’t require, well, anything. It’s simply you, working with your mind. But that doesn’t mean that people who practice mindfulness and meditation don’t enjoy receiving gifts! The following are gifts for meditators that any of your mindful-minded loved ones can enjoy.

How to Give Gifts Mindfully

Giving gifts at the holidays is a way to express our affection for the people in our lives. Culturally it serves to strengthen our connections within our community. And, let’s be honest: This exchange can be as uplifting for the giver as it is for the recipient, triggering a release of feel-good hormones.

Yet feeling obligated to buy gifts without meaning can just leave us empty. Even worse is when we consider the environmental impacts of all that packaging and wrapping— the mindless consumption is enough to want to skip the holidays altogether.

However, it is possible to tune into something more heartfelt to express your appreciation this season through a mindful approach to gift-giving.

When it comes to choosing holiday gifts for the meditators in your life, you can’t go wrong with a gift that gives back — ‘tis always the season to support a steady mind, social good, and respect for our planet.  The list below features a few of our favorite gift ideas that hit these marks.

Mindful Gift Ideas for Anyone

Mindful Gift Ideas for Anyone

Numi Flowering Tea Set

Flowering tea is a sensory mindful delight. It starts with heating the water to the perfect temperature (don’t boil!), then witnessing the flower blossom unfurl and release its bouquet of aromas, and finally, enjoying the delicate tea created. This pretty gift set from organic tea producer Numi includes six flowering tea bundles and a reusable, dishwasher-safe glass pot.

Start Sipping

Peacebomb Jewelry

Made from the metal of recovered ordinances cleared from farms in Laos, these attractive, on-trend bracelets, necklaces and earrings serve two purposes: They help rehabilitate valuable land for future agricultural use and support local artisans.

Support a Cause with Conscious Step Socks

We love products whose purchase offers some larger benefit. With Conscious Step organic cotton socks, you get to choose which cause is supported by the pair you pick. From safer water and rainforest protection to raising awareness of childhood cancer, there’s a cause—and a pair of socks—for every friend and family member on your list.

Terra Thread Earth tote bag

Founded by a father and daughter team originally from Nepal, Terra Thread sources its Fair Trade organic cotton from farms in India, and is certified through the Global Organic Textile Standard, ensuring that its products have met strict environmental and social criteria during the entire supply chain. We love the size of this bag and the simple message.

BigBlue Solar Charger

We love when our most practical needs can be met with eco-choices. This portable solar charger is the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life, or for anyone with a smartphone or tablet who likes to go off grid every now and again.

Go Deeper with an Online Course in Mindfulness

With a broad range of classes and programs, a subscription to offers gifts for meditators of all levels, from beginners to those looking to deepend their practices.

PooPaper Journals

We admit, these journals had us at the name. Made from the fibrous pulp of animal droppings, and blended with other waste products like coconut shells, these are probably the most sustainable non-paper paper products ever. Better still: They’re totally beautiful. Perfect for journaling, recording insights from meditation practice, or just to have on hand for everyday note-taking.

Earthwise Reusable Produce Bags

Isn’t it frustrating to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, only to realize that the produce is soaking wet, and you need to use one of those flimsy plastic bags to carry your veggies? These mesh bags, made from recycled plastic water bottles, solve that dilemma. Anyone you know who keeps shopping bags in their car will appreciate this useful gift.

Stop Missing Your Life

by Cory Muscara

Muscara, who followed his passion for meditation all the way from Long Island to a Buddhist monastery in Burma, writes about the practical value of mindfulness in a totally relatable way. This book offers a great introduction to how mindfulness can make us more present, accepting, and engaged with all of life, from one of the lead teachers here at

“Heavily Meditated” Mug

Just as good for a turmeric almond milk latte or herbal tea as it is for a really strong dark roast, this mug is a fun gift for the meditator in your life.

Chimes made from Upcycled Shells

These pretty Fair Trade chimes are made by artisans in Indonesia from remnant oyster shells. They come in beautiful colors and offer a lovely, delicate sound.

Mindful Magazine

This bimonthly publication created by longtime meditators offers insightful, helpful, and inspirational articles written by experts to support a mindfulness practice.

Let That *Bleep* Go Wine Tumbler

Ha, ha. Who said meditators don’t have a sense of humor? Give your favorite mindfulness practitioner a laugh with this stemless wine glass.

The Growing Candle

Created by a husband-and-wife team in Ohio, these vegan candles aren’t just beautiful, they’re sustainable, too. When the wax melts away, use the ceramic pot to grow wildflowers that come embedded in the label. Bonus: Each order includes a handmade painting. A lovely, thoughtful gift to inspire mindful moments.

Mindful Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens

Mindful Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens

Soul Flower Sticker Packs

Created by a family-owned company in Minnesota, these fun and colorful stickers can be used on laptops, notebooks, or anywhere you want to spread some positivity and express your beautiful self. A perfect gift for a mindful teen or college student.

The Good Tee Natural Tie-Dye kit

If you haven’t noticed, tie-dye is back in a big way. With this clever kit, the dyes are made from natural plant sources, and everything you need—even the T-shirt—is included. A great gift for kids and teens.

Little Renegades Mindful Kids Bedtime Deck

Bedtime can be a mixed bag for kids, especially young ones. This deck of beautifully illustrated cards features gentle guided meditations and peaceful prompts to help ease little ones into a calm, restful sleep.

Gift Ideas for Meditators

Gift Ideas for Meditators

EHome Meditation Chime

Remember how we said you don’t need anything to meditate? Well, one tradition that we love is to ring a chime to signal the start of your practice, and again to end it. This bell chime, with a 10-second echo, does the job nicely.

Tibetan Tingsha Bells

Traditionally used in the same way as a chime, these small Tibetan cymbals, which produce a clear, high-pitched sound, would make a special gift for the meditator in your life.

Saje Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition

Aroma is a powerful mood inducer, and pairing essential oils with a meditation practice can be a tremendous aid for settling into a calm, focused state. Saje uses only natural plant sources for its exquisite roll-on essential oil blends.

Bean Products Buckwheat Hull + Organic Cotton Meditation Cushion

A good seated posture is essential for meditation practice. You should be able to sit still for a while, in an upright and alert posture with your hips positioned slightly higher than your knees to support the natural curve of your spine. Meditation cushions, called zafus, are designed for this posture. The best offer a firm but comfortable seat, and are just high enough to encourage proper hip-knee alignment. This cushion from Bean Products includes a mat (zabuton) for additional knee support.

Practice on the Road!

Practice on the Road!

Carolina Morning Inflatable Zafu

Travel doesn’t have to interrupt a regular meditation practice. These wonderful inflatable zafus from eco-goods producer Carolina Morning, are a cinch to inflate and fit into any overnight bag. One of those perfect gifts for meditators who travel.

Mindfulness Journal

One way to deepen a mindfulness practice is to record your thoughts and impressions. With daily prompts, the Mindfulness Journal can help, offering plenty of space for writing and useful ideas and inspirations for reflection.

Meditation app subscription

With guided meditations ranging 5-20 minutes, daily video coaching, courses and more,’s meditation app fits into any schedule. A perfect gift to support someone you care for to experience less stress, better sleep, and a more engaged experience with all of life.

Meditation in Progress door sign

if you’ve ever had someone walk in on you while you’re trying to meditate, you’ll understand the need for this sign! This is a perfect gift for a meditator who lives with other people.

Live a Mindful Life

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