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We built the app to be your refuge and a source of strength, where you can soothe your mind and heart, and tap into the resilience, inspiration and inner peace that these challenging times require.

Right now, you might be encountering a lot of digital noise. We sure are.

As a team, we’ve been talking about the importance of digital discernment during these trying times - consciously choosing online behaviors that support and uplift us.

Of course, there’s value in being well informed, but there’s a balance to be struck between following current events, and choosing experiences that invite calm, ease, and clarity into our lives. During times of uncertainty, we need even more of the latter.

This is why we built the app. To be your refuge and a source of strength, where you can soothe your mind and heart, and tap into the resilience, inspiration and inner peace that these challenging times require.

Our co-hosts, Melli and Cory, made this short video to walk you through all the features, and show you how they use the app.

The heart of the app is your Daily Mindfulness - a brand new video coaching and corresponding meditation practice, 365 days a year.

There’s also a library of in depth talks, courses, and meditations on a variety of topics from easing stress and anxiety, to getting better sleep, finding calm and focus, and our current favorite, ‘Calm in Crisis’. Think of it as peace of mind in your pocket.

The app’s official launch date is getting close, so we’re inviting you to join us inside with one of these special gifts: 40% off the Annual Plan or Lifetime option.

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We believe in a world where everybody has access to the life-changing skills of mindfulness.

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